Orfium for Record Labels

Maximize your UGC revenue, automate your cue sheet management and get full visibility into the performance of your catalog.
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Monetize and manage your catalog with confidence

Capitalize on the growth of UGC, secure in the knowledge that your catalog is being managed and monetized by trusted experts.

bullet Maximize your catalog’s royalty revenues.
bullet Streamline your royalty collections, accounting and reporting.
bullet Full visibility into the health and performance of your catalog.
bullet Optimize your royalty flows with Soundmouse’s cue sheet network.
bullet Creators and rights holders are paid fairly, seamlessly and on time.


Get more from your catalog

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Maximize your UGC revenue
Advanced AI technology and our team of UGC experts means we 
consistently find and claim more for you. We have direct relationships and access to all of the major UGC platforms.
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Save time and resources
Let our team of experts manage everything for you, from finding and claiming on unlicensed works to managing conflicts within your catalog.
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Advanced analytics & reporting
Get full visibility into the health and performance of your catalog. Our industry-leading reporting and analytics tell you exactly how your catalog is performing.
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Optimize your royalty flows
Seamlessly connect with all stakeholders including broadcasters, producers, composers and CMOs through the Soundmouse cue sheet network.

Why the leading brands choose Orfium

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Leading companies trust Orfium to manage their catalogs because we consistently deliver more revenue, averaging +56% revenue impact.
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Work with a partner you can trust to help creators and rights holders get paid fairly, seamlessly and on time.
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Partner with a true technology company. Our tech team of 180+ is dedicated to building the best technology in the industry.
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People and relationships are at the heart of our business. We value our people and the trusted relationships we build with our partners and the industry.
Orfium’s Digital Suite

Trust in the experts to manage your catalog for maximum returns. We offer a full management service including:

Conflict Management: We review, organize, update and deliver your metadata to all the major UGC platforms to ensure all of your works are tracked and monetized correctly.

Claiming & Usage matching: We track and match your compositions to claim additional royalties from YouTube and other UGC platform using market-leading matching technology.

Manual claiming on YouTube: A team of copyright experts source and place claims on works featuring your music that current fingerprinting technology can’t find.

Data & reporting:  Detailed performance reports and earnings dashboards show you the health and performance of your catalog. You have full transparency on your catalog at all times.

Unlock even more value from your catalog.