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Streamline management of your music cue sheets and production metadata with Soundmouse and Silvermouse. Find and license content with ease with MusicBox.
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Save valuable time and resources finding and using licensed content and managing and reporting on your music cue sheet and production metadata with Soundmouse’s suite of broadcaster solutions.

Soundmouse by Orfium has become the global standard to receive, manage and report music cue sheets. It simplifies and automates the music cue sheet process, reducing manual input and saving you huge amounts of time and money.

Silvermouse by Orfium is the secure, modular online system to manage the workflow of production-related metadata to support broadcasters in streamlining data flows to support efficiency, compliance and diversity data monitoring initiatives.

MusicBox by Orfium is a cloud-based media library designed to manage and streamline the workflow of sourcing and using licensed music in any audiovisual production by broadcast media organizations.


Soundmouse for broadcasters

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Powerful reporting
Efficiently manage and share data for compliance and business reporting with fully automated collecting society reports and detailed business analytics reports.
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Save time and resources
Outsource management of the entire cue sheet creation and reporting process, using the Soundmouse platform supported by our dedicated team of metadata experts.
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More visibility into your music’s usage
Get more visibility into the usage and reporting of your music so you can better manage the amount and selection of music used across channels.
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Collecting Society compliance
Soundmouse carries out strict validation to ensure it meets the requirements set by collecting societies and automates the whole reporting process for them.

Why brands choose Soundmouse by Orfium

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Unrivaled Reporting
Soundmouse has set the global standard for accurate cue sheet and music reporting around the world, connecting all stakeholders in the reporting process.
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Work with a partner you can trust. With over 20 years of experience the Soundmouse team has built trusted relationships with its partners across the industry.
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Partner with a true technology company. Our tech team of 180+ is dedicated to building the best technology for the entertainment industry.
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Connected Network
Connect with publishers, producers, composers, collecting societies and more through Soundmouse’s global cue sheet network.
Cue sheets by Soundmouse

Soundmouse is the trusted partner for broadcasters across the globe for music cue sheet automation, providing timely and comprehensive reporting to collecting societies and rights owners. The cloud-based platform connects all music industry stakeholders who can create, process, share, analyze and report music usage data in audiovisual productions in a streamlined and efficient way.

Soundmouse’s fingerprinting technology was developed at Cambridge University to meet the unique challenges of reporting of music copyrights and today, is established as the industry’s leading solution. 

It holds more than 100 million unique tracks in its reference database and receives in excess of one million new recordings every week directly from record labels, production houses and individual artists and composers.


Find and use licensed content with ease.

MusicBox is a cloud-based media library designed to manage and streamline the workflow of sourcing and using licensed music in any audiovisual production by broadcast media organizations.

Its wide range of purposefully designed features allow music contributors to search for high quality licensed music, complete with metadata from a vast database of commercially released tracks and music libraries.

Looking for a particular track or type of music content? You can quickly run a rights clearance process and download and share the music tracks with your production teams.


Silvermouse is created for the collection, management and delivery of production metadata for both linear and non-linear productions.  

Customizable: Silvermouse is highly customizable and enables broadcasters to streamline and securely collect, create, edit and report production metadata across all data categories.

Collaborative: It’s easy for broadcasters to collaborate with external partners with features such as comments, approvals, and form assignments.

Compliance: Designed to protect individuals’ anonymity, it’s GDPR compliant and adheres to broadcasters’ strict security policies, 


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