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Access the full music rights picture for your DSP. Find, use and report on licensed music with ease.
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Music is being used in more and more places including UGC platforms, fitness apps, video games, and OTT platforms, yet businesses are struggling to clear rights and access licensed music with ease.

With Orfium, get a comprehensive music rights picture that allows you to quickly and easily know which catalogs are cleared under your licenses. If you would like to make specific songs available, Orfium can help you identify the correct rights owners for both the sound recordings and compositional works for targeted and efficient licensing initiatives.


Music license clearance and reporting

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Match & enrich music usage
Match usage data to repertoire, both recorded and publishing.
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Ensure maximum usage of cleared content
Clear rights picture delivered to music users.
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Advanced analytics & reporting
Generate industry leading reports, access analytics on distributable and withheld royalties and dashboards with detailed reporting for licensors.
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Optimize your royalty flows
Seamlessly connect with all stakeholders including broadcasters, producers and CMOs through the Soundmouse cue sheet network to deliver industry-compliant music reporting.

Why brands choose Orfium

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Orfium partners with clients to develop industry-leading solutions targeting specific problems with cutting-edge technology.
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Work with a partner you can trust. Our focus is ensuring all creators and rights holders get paid fairly, seamlessly and on time.
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Partner with a true technology company. Our tech team of 180+ is dedicated to building the best technology for the entertainment industry.
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People and relationships are at the heart of our business. We value our people and the trusted relationships we build with our partners and across the industry.
MusicHub for DSPs

Access the full music rights picture. Find, use and report on licensed music with ease.

Understand what your existing license covers

With MusicHub, feel confident that the music you’re using is cleared for use. If you have a license in place, Orfium will provide clarity on which recordings or compositions are cleared under it.

Source and license the music you want to use

If you have a track you’d like to use but isn’t covered under your existing licenses, Orfium can help identify the correct rights owners so you can access the songs you need quickly and easily.

Get the reports you need in the format you need them

Meet rights holder reporting obligations in industry standard formats. Produce periodic usage reports for both rights holder distributions and to enable repertoire claiming.

Reconcile usage claims from rights holders

Orfium will validate and reconcile response files in industry formats including DDEX, CCID and CDM including running back-claim and technical discrepancy choreography.

Get notified about DSP payment release and claim disputes

Orfium provides dispute reporting to inform DSP payment release information and provides rights holders with notifications to allow claim disputes to be resolved.

Get the full music rights picture. Talk to Orfium today.